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Modernizing egg production

Established in 2017 in Danang, HealthyFarm is a social enterprise focusing on food sustainability, including natural farming practices and upholding animal welfare.

HealthyFarm’s mission is to give animals high-quality lives and in return, provide people with the best, most delicious eggs and products.

The vision of HealthyFarm is to grow small, cage-free production into a pro-animal welfare, pro-locally sourced food empire that puts health and humane standards back into delicious food.

HealthyFarm is pioneering humane egg standards so all hens can live a happy and healthy life.

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Freedom from hunger and thirst.
Able to roam freely and
socially interact.

What is
animal welfare?

Humane farming is often understood as the ideal way to treat animals. A holistic view of welfare means the health and physical well-being of the animal are considered. It also means farming conditions provide for animals’ ability to express natural behavior and their need to socialize with other animals, to ensure their psychological well-being.

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Farm Network Map

Many small and medium cage-free and free-range farm network across Vietnam have joined our network and committed to meet HealthyFarm's humane standards.

Locating cage free and free-range chicken farms that prioritize ethical animal treatment has never been easier. Our all-inclusive list and map will assist you in finding farms that meet your specific criteria.

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The Knowledge Hub is an essential resource for those seeking to acquire knowledge on optimal practices for promoting farm animal welfare, benefiting businesses, farmers, and individuals alike.

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Discover information on animal welfare standards and stay up-to-date on current market trends and news, and explore other related documents.

Business Hub

Learn about the experiences of purchasing cage-free eggs from other businesses and what it entails for your business.

Farmer Hub

Acquire knowledge about the proper procedures for managing eggs in professional farming and selling operations, and develop technical skills related to farming practices.

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Want to raise awareness about the welfare for farm animals in Vietnam?
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