Our purpose organization is on a mission to create an impact on the environment, people, and communities through sustainable business across Asia and beyond.

Established in Vietnam in 2016, Evergreen Labs is a purpose-driven, creative business lab focused on innovating toward sustainable solutions and ventures for the future. Our organization is transforming how we make, consume, and dispose of things, ultimately changing how people co-exist on this planet.

Through our innovative venture studio approach, we are focused on building back a better future. With a team of future change-makers, we innovate toward practical solutions to tackle tough social and environmental challenges, striving to push business boundaries toward the triple bottom line and circular economy models.

Our impact

Evergreen Labs has positively impacted communities, beneficiaries, and the environment in the region during its eight years of operation.

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Our Team

Motivated change-makers creating impact together!

Evergreen Labs Singapore
Dr. Kasia Weina
Founding Partner
Jan Zellmann
Vice Director,
Founding Partner
Evergreen Labs Vietnam
Le Phan
Admin Manager
Kim Anh Nguyen
Admin & HR Officer
Thu Nguyen
Chief Accountant
Ha Tran
Communications Analyst
Plastic Team
Giao Dinh
Project Manager
Dao Pham
Project Manager
Kha Trinh
Senior Project Officer
Le Huynh
Project Officer
Circular Economy Team
Hung Nguyen
Operations Manager
Huy Hoang
Customer Relationship Associate
My Le
Admin Officer
Vu Thanh Hoa
Quality Assurance Specialist
Nghia Huynh
Factory Foreman
Tuan Nguyen
Factory Foreman
So Quoc Nguyen
Factory Foreman
Agriculture Team
Hieu Le
Healthy Farm
Project Manager
Quynh Pham
Project Officer
Evergreen Labs Philippines
Erica Cardoso
EGL Philippines
Managing Director
Gina Mariano
Project Officer Intern
Jia Parma