We don't just limit our impact to our operations. We establish programs that allow us to make a deeper impact within local communities, enabling us to give back and create new solutions for a brighter tomorrow.

Our venture lab program offers an ideal platform to create innovative solutions aimed at addressing societal and environmental challenges. This program is designed to facilitate the development, testing, and piloting of new ideas in pursuit of positive change. Learn more about our work within this program in our knowledge hub.

In 2020, EGL launched "Give for Good," a donation project that partnered with 8 schools in Quang Tri province to provide new desks and chairs made from recycled materials to more than 86 kids who were unable to attend school due to damage caused by storms and floods in the Central region.

Our program is dedicated to the preservation and protection of all species. We support wildlife rescue centers and coral restoration projects, so that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty of our planet and its inhabitants.