2023 and Beyond: Evergreen Labs' Journey Towards a Sustainable World

May 28, 2024

Evergreen Labs is excited to announce the upcoming release of our 2023 Annual Report! 2023 was a monumental year of growth, fueled by a surge in sustainability awareness following the COVID-19 pandemic. This momentum propelled significant advancements across our venture portfolio and social initiatives.

Impactful Change and Tailored Solutions:

We remain dedicated to driving impactful change through tailored solutions. In 2023, we saw notable successes in benefiting communities, particularly through programs supporting informal waste collectors and other vulnerable populations.

Pioneering Innovation:

We continued to pioneer digitalization and low-tech solutions in the waste management sector and circular economy models, scaling ventures in both areas.

Global Expansion and Growth:

Our expansion efforts were marked by the opening of our Singapore headquarters and the establishment of our new Philippines country office. With a dedicated team of over 45 professionals across multiple countries, we are poised to address future challenges and opportunities.

Evergreen Labs Philippines: A Year in Review

We're thrilled to highlight the accomplishments of our newest branch, Evergreen Labs Philippines, established in July 2023. In their first year, they've made significant strides:

Ventures Highlights:

This year's report will also showcase the exciting progress of our key ventures:

Read our 2023 Annual Report HERE, where you'll find a deeper dive into our achievements, the ventures' successes, and exciting plans for the future!